7 Things to Remember When Travelling Abroad

Published: 04th August 2009
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Travelling abroad is exciting and makes a great vacation. There are a few tips and items to keep in mind when planning your trip abroad. Remember these eight things and you'll have a happy, stress-free trip.
1. Medical Insurance - Medical insurance is also important. Check with your current health care provider, and consider your options for medical insurance so you can easily be treated in the event of accident or illness in a foreign country.
2. Copies at Home - Leave a copy of your passport, your contact information, and the places you will stay, with your family or a close friend. This allows them to contact you directly if there is a problem.
3. Directions - Check that you have adequate directions and know where you are going. It is not wise to travel to a foreign area that you have not researched before. You could be lost, or become the victim of a crime.
4. Passport - Check that you have an up-to-date passport that covers the trip you need to take. This is key to carry, along with your insurance papers. A copy of your insurance papers or card should be left with family and friends as well.
5. Pets - Make arrangements if your pets are travelling with you. You'll need to arrange for the airline to take them along, and choose your hotel or home based on who will accept pets.
6. Travel Insurance - There are different types of travel insurance that are available, be sure to choose the right one for your trip to ensure you are not left with a high and dry in the event of an accident or disaster. Most insurers offer free quotes for overseas travel insurance. This protects you and your family in case of accident, or the loss of your luggage while travelling abroad.
7. Medications - Finally, remember to take any medications that you may need. Even if you will not need them for the duration of the trip, an event may occur that prolongs the trip and you cannot return on the date you expected. You'll need these medications with you in case you have to come home later than you planned.

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